Once upon a tube

Now that you’re hooked on LEBON, the question is what to do with all those handsome empty tubes? We all want to keep in mind that sustainability and healing the environment are the keys to our future.

Unfortunately, toothpaste tubes are not something you can just toss into the recycling bin at home. Thank goodness then for the ingenuity of TerraCycle, whose innovative programs help people collect and recycle hard-to-recycle waste. Funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world, the company was founded in 2001 with the simple yet daunting mission of eliminating waste. From humble beginnings TerraCycle has grown into a global leader that operates in over 20 countries. Its novel initiatives recycle billions of pieces of waste each year.

At LEBON, we swoon over the eco-friendly types. Therefore, let’s activate and get on the waste-not wagon! Since the beginning, LEBON has striven to minimize our impact on the environment by employing local production for our toothpastes, utilizing PEFC boxes, and recycling wherever possible.

Thus, in taking that extra step to keep our planet green, LEBON is offering consumers a solution for recycling our used tubes. Simply send us an image of your empty tubes via Instagram @lebon.oralcare or by email to smile@lebonandlebon.com. First you will put a proud smile on our face, then we will issue you a shipping label to mail them back to our warehouse. When a large amount has been accrued, LEBON beams them directly to TerraCycle, who in turn will transform them into building materials.

Alright, we don’t have a secret trash teleportation device, but getting LEBON ‘wasted' never felt so good and easy! This is a feasible and ethical solution that will give you one more reason to smile... even when your tube is empty!


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