Your mouth, like your gut, hosts millions of bacterias, both good and bad, known as the oral microbiome. Keeping the natural balance of your oral microbiome is essential to the health of your teeth, gums and mouth and it is also the gateway to good gut health. When we have poor oral hygiene and expose our mouths to toxins and nasty chemicals often found in toothpastes it can destabilize the natural balance of the healthy bacterias in your mouth. This can cause problems such as inflammation in the mouth, ulcers, bleeding gums which can lead to other health problems in the gut and rest of the body.

This is why at LEBON we consciously decide to leave out all nasty toxins and chemicals that can strip your mouth of the good bacteria as well as the bad. Instead in all our toothpastes we use Organic Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) which possesses powerful anti-oxidant properties and Organic Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) which has soothing properties. It helps to naturally balance the oral microbiome and prevents bacterial growth, plaque formation, cavities and to protect our gums.

WHAT'S IN - Ingredients we are excited to include in our products

Natural Flavors (Aroma)

For delicious flavors and mood enhancing properties.

Organic Aloe Vera

Natural protection of gums.

Organic Green Tea

Green alternative to fluoride. Natural protection of teeth.

Papaya extracts

Which contain papain - Natural teeth whitening.

WHAT'S OUT - Ingredients you won't see in our products

Ingredients you won't see in our products because :

They are not essential to a good and effective toothpaste.

Today we are more aware of the potential toxicity of these ingredients when ingested for a long period (think a lifetime).

NO FLUORIDE – Can be harmful to your health when ingested on a long period (think a lifetime). We use Green Tea instead.

NO PEG – Potential Toxic synthetic chemical thought to be a carcinogenic.

NO SLS – Often used as an artificial foaming agent. Found in products like washing up liquid. Our creamy light foaming textures is naturally formed from our mild tensioactive Lauryl Glucoside.

NO PARABEN – Synthetic preservative.

NO COLORINGS – Artificial colorings used to modify natural occurring colors. All our products are the colors nature intended them to be. Only the popping colors on our packaging are inspired by the flavors and locations they represent.

NO TRICLOSAN - An antibacterial compound. Banned from other products including soaps.

NO SACCHARIN - An artificial sweetener thought to cause cavities. All our products are naturally sweetened with Stevia Rebaudiana.

NO TITANIUM DIOXIDE – Often used as a whitening agent. Banned in food in France.

NO SULFATES – Toxic chemicals

NO GLUTEN – We are gluten free


Ingredients - INCI

(International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients)