What differentiates LEBON from other natural toothpastes?

Many natural toothpastes don’t fully check all their boxes, namely effectiveness and a pleasant brushing experience (taste, toothpaste texture, foam, etc.). LEBON’s impeccable formulation keeps your mouth 100% healthy using the best ingredients, while our distinguished flavors elevate your daily brushing routine into moments full of tastiness and good taste.

At LEBON, what goes into our formulas (more on this below) is equally important as what we don’t put in! We abstain from using ingredients which are non-essential for good oral hygiene. These include chemicals that in the long term may raise toxicity issues. You know them by their very unpleasant names: Titanium dioxide, SLS, Sulfates, Colorants, Triclosan, PEG, Parabens, Microbeads, Synthetic sweeteners, and Synthetic fluorine.

LEBON’s ingredients are rigorously selected and sourced directly from Mother Nature. Their virtues in maintaining the balance of the oral microbiota are proven and they’re easy to pronounce: Green Tea, Aloe Vera or Papaya extract.

Where are LEBON toothpastes made?

Our toothpastes are formulated and produced in France, in a laboratory located near Paris.

The alchemists responsible for LEBON Flavorcare’s distinctive natural aromas have been established since the 18th century in Grasse, the world capital of perfume. This idyllic city in the south of France is now classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What ingredients are a no-no in LEBON products?

At LEBON we take pride in omitting from our formulas ingredients that are not essential for good oral hygiene or that, in the long term, harbor potential toxicity. Here is the list of ingredients that you will never see in our compositions:

Synthetic Fluorine: too much cumulative intake of Fluoride is harmful to good health. We know that many water sources and foods already contain Fluoride already. Instead we utilize natural Fluoride present in organic Green Tea that is well-dosed.

Titanium Dioxide: synthetic white dye that is quite simply useless. In addition, it is a potential endocrine disruptor banned in foods in France since January 1, 2020.

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate): a synthetic surfactant (foaming factor) that can cause irritation, stinging and micro-mouth ulcers.

Saccharin: a synthetic sweetener from the hydrocarbon industry.

Triclosan: an antibacterial compound. Already banned in some products such as soaps.

Parabens: synthetic preservatives whose action is potentially toxic.

PEG: synthetic products with potentially harmful effects

Synthetic Antiseptics: disrupts the balance of the oral microbiota.

Colorants: unnecessary and potentially toxic for some who might be sensitive to them.

Are LEBON products vegan and cruelty free?

Absolutely. Since the outset of the LEBON adventure we have made a point of utilizing ethical and sustainable practices. Nature is the primary source of our inspiration, and we remain committed to being stewards through every step of the LEBON process.

Do LEBON products contain Fluoride?

Yes and no.

Fluoride is essential to the effective protection of dental enamel, but LEBON never uses synthetic or chemical Fluoride in our toothpastes. Rather we utilize extracts from the Green Tea plant, which contain one of the highest levels of natural Fluoride. The Green Tea we source is certified organic and grown in quality soil.

In our toothpastes, the dosage of Fluoride is just the right amount to neutralize the actions of the two bacteria (Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus Acidophillus) responsible for causing plaque and cavities. Instead of harsh chemicals, LEBON’s ingredients prioritize maintaining the balance of the mouth’s health environment, or what is known as the oral microbiota.

Are LEBON toothpastes whitening?

Papain, which comes from the Papaya fruit, is an ingredient that is present in the LEBON Flavorcare whitening series and in the entire LEBON ESSENTIELS collection. Papaïn naturally removes dental stains and dissolves tartar and plaque, thereby aiding to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.

In LEBON ESSENTIELS collection, the presence of Hydroxyapatite - a natural mineral ingredient that makes up 97% of tooth enamel - contributes to dental remineralization. Acting on targeted areas where it is needed, this remineralizing action reconstitutes the surface of teeth enamel and, forms an active whitening tandem with Papain.

If you are looking for a toothpaste with the strongest naturally whitening effect, we recommend our Classic Mint + Charcoal from the LEBON ESSENTIELS collection.

Classic Mint + Charcoal toothpaste also offers you the virtues of vegetable charcoal known for its teeth whitening power. And thanks to Hydroxyapatite, your tooth enamel will not be damaged by the abrasion of the charcoal.

Do LEBON toothpastes have an expiration date?

We recommend that you use your toothpaste within 12 months of opening a tube.

Are LEBON products organic?

For our first collection, LEBON Flavorcare, there is no official organic certification for the products themselves. We focused on creating flawless formulations composed of natural ingredients and sustainable origin. Thus our 9 toothpastes from the Flavorcare collection contain many certified organic ingredients, such as the essential Green Tea extracts and Aloe Vera.

With growing consumer demand for a 100% certified product, LEBON recently launched our second collection - LEBON ESSENTIELS. The new series includes 4 distinct toothpastes that have been certified organic by Cosmos Organic / Ecocert.

Are LEBON products suitable for children?

From 6 years old, children can use our toothpastes. The only possible risk… they will fall in love with them!! If you find your tube of LEBON missing, remember to look in the children's bathroom.