What is LEBON Flavorcare's secret for white teeth?

Papaya, the 100% natural secret of white teeth!

For natural teeth whitening, we have enriched our classic formula with Papaya extract. Papaya contains an enzyme - Papain - which participates in the natural whitening of teeth by progressively dissolving stains (coffee, wine,...), tartar and plaque without altering the enamel of your teeth, in order to regain the natural radiance of your smile.

In 2018, 4 new flavours are introduced. 

 - Back to Pampelonne : Mango + Mint

Inspired by the atmosphere of the mythical beach of Pampelonne, its multi-vitamin flavour will bring you a dose of joy and good humour and a sparkling smile!

 - Fearless Freedom : Blackcurrant + Mint

Our Fearless Freedom is a delicious blend of Blackcurrant and Fresh Mint. This combination of flavours will give you an intense and tasty sensation of freshness.

- Le White : Green Tea + Sweet Mint

A must-have in our collection, Le White will seduce you with its wave of freshness. For a unique experience, we have combined the freshness of Moroccan Sweet Mint with the slight bitterness of Green Tea.

- Rhythm is Love : Yuzu + Ylang Ylang + Mint

Rhythm is Love is composed of aromas straight from the traditional Asian pharmacopoeia: Ylang Ylang, sweet and creamy, and Yuzu, this small acidic citrus fruit. 

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