Cap Ferrat Mood


Fresh Mint

Inspired by the fresh umbrella pines and eucalyptus trees that cover the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula and the potent waves breaking along its steep coasts, Cap Ferrat Mood lays you gently on the revitalizing shores of the Mediterranean. Soaked with invigorating mint for a healthy and fresh mouth, Cap Ferrat Mood is our minty energizer.

1. Composition
Arôme dominant:
- Procure une haleine fraîche
- Vertu énergisante

Ingrédients phares:
Aloe Vera Bio
- Protection naturelle des gencives

Thé vert Bio
- Protection de l'email des dents (une alternative naturelle au fluor)

Stevia Rebaudina
- Edulcorant naturel

2. En bouche
Fraîcheur +++
#énergisant #rafraîchissant

3. Best moments
Morning and evenings
- Perfect for a Monday morning or prior to going to fitness

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