What are our spring flavours?

Ready, Set, Spring !

The beautiful days are coming, the sun's rays touch our skin, and suddenly there are heart-warming smiles. Welcome this long-awaited season of the year with joy. The season that gives flowers back all their colours and makes your heart feel good.

A selection of natural toothpastes made in France with spring aromas 

Spring has inspired some of our toothpastes with the aromas of Grasse from the FLAVORCARE Collection. Whether fruity or floral, you'll find THE perfect oral care product to accompany you - morning, noon and night - throughout this season.

RHYTHM IS LOVE, a toothpaste with whitening power

Fall in love with the virtues of Ylang Ylang and Yuzu in this toothpaste with natural aromas. The harmony between the smoothness of Ylang Ylang and the tangy touch of Yuzu helps you to let go.


Packed with invigorating fresh mints to keep your mouth healthy and your mind alert, "Cap Ferrat Mood" keeps you full of life and prepares you to start the day well.


Deliciously soft and creamy, "Sweet Extravagance" perfectly combines Orange Blossom with a hint of Rose, making it the most pleasant of oral routines.  


Bursting with juicy Pineapple and Rooibos, traditionally known for its soothing properties, "Tropical Crush" helps neutralise any bad breath, giving you a positive boost to brighten your day.


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