To prevent cavities, the toothpastes in the LEBON collections contain Green Tea, a natural source of fluoride. Find out in this article why LEBON has chosen natural fluoride. 

Fluoride and its benefits   

Fluoride is a trace element used as an active ingredient in the vast majority of toothpastes on the market. Recommended by dentists, it has many virtues, including strengthening enamel and preventing cavities. By fixing itself on the enamel, fluorine slows down its demineralization and strengthens the surface layer. Faced with the acid attack of food, the enamel is then more resistant. There are synthetic fluorides, generally sodium fluoride, and natural fluorides, present in green tea or sea products for example.  

Why is it controversial?   

As you can see, fluoride is good for our oral health. However, it is nowadays found in significant quantities in our water supply or in our food. This overexposure leads to an increase in the number of cases of fluorosis, a pathology linked to an excess of fluorine which deteriorates the dental enamel. In the most serious cases, an excess of fluorine in the body can lead to bone fractures, muscle deterioration or kidney diseases. To avoid the appearance of these pathologies, it is important to reason its use. For this, the WHO (World Health Organization) has revealed the doses of fluorine not to be exceeded according to age.   

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 What about us ?   

To offer a more natural alternative, we have chosen to replace synthetic fluoride with fluoride naturally present in green tea (CAMELLIA SINENSIS LEAF). Green tea is the plant that contains the highest amount of natural fluoride. Our green tea is certified organic in order to avoid any excess of fluorine, commonly found in bags of cheap green tea. Thus, this active ingredient provides an action identical to that of synthetic fluorine, without risk of overdosing (by cumulative effect with the ingestion of bottled water, seafood ...).   

With LEBON, choose the natural way!