LEBON is a luxury oral care brand founded in 2015 by Stephanie, Art Historian and professional Photographer and Richard, Cosmetic Certified Dermatologist, both lovers of the sea and nature.

Whereas brushing your teeth is the first and last thing we do every day, Richard and Stephanie wanted to make a dent in the industry for an ethical and nature inspired toothpaste created specifically for those who value health and wellbeing.

LEBON is a mix of healthy yet effective ingredients and natural flavors who will turn this "2-minute moment" into an instant to reflect, refocus and experience a true awareness, this is what we call LEBON Flavorcare. Through the 9 flavors of the LEBON Collection, Stephanie and Richard offer their interpretation of the most remote, inspiring and romantic places that they have travelled together, allowing LEBON lovers to indulge in a moment of escapism.