LEBON's whitening Series

LEBON’s teeth whitening line consists of 4 flavors.
For natural teeth whitening, we have enriched our classic formula with papaya extract. Papaya contains the enzyme papain, which gradually dissolves stains (coffee, wine, etc.) without altering or damaging the enamel of your teeth. Restore the radiance of your natural smile the natural way!

Mango + Mint

If your office daydreams take you to a tropical getaway on a secluded beach, then get thee Back to Pampelonne. Inspired by the legendary allure of Pampelonne beach, this vitamin-packed, mango-flavored powerhouse will bring you a few steps closer to that irie summer, once upon a time.


Sweet Mint + Green Tea

The flagship member of the whitening collection, LE WHITE will seduce you with its unadulterated freshness and finesse. For true distinction, we have taken cool Moroccan Sweet Mint and balanced it with the itsy-bitsy bitterness of Green Tea. Enhance that smile with LEBON’s naturally no-nonsense companion. Good traveling partner with a brightening disposition and sharp sense of humor.


Yuzu + Ylang Ylang + Menthe

Rhythm is Love is an aromatic symphony that comes direct from the traditional Asian pharmacopoeia. Containing the sweetness of Ylang Ylang and tanginess of Yuzu, it is harmony in a tube. Though it might not replace a Tai-Chi session just yet, Rhythm is Love will give your self-care routine a touch of serenity, balance and mindfulness to travel to your own beat.


Black Currant + Mint

Fearless Freedom is a gourmet blend of Black Currant and Mint that leaves you with a feeling of liberating intensity and tasty freshness. This dreamboat dressed in sharp black and gold is a journey into daringness and curbed inhibitions. A concentrate of energy and positive vibes, and the ideal choice to start your day off with enthusiasm and creativity!


More flavors to be discovered