LEBON's classic Series

LEBON’s Classic line offers 5 flavors to choose from, according to your tastes or daily mood.

The two basic ingredients of each Classic flavor are organic Aloe vera and organic Green tea. Aloe vera provides natural protection for your gums, while Green tea acts as a natural fluoride alternative that preserves teeth enamel.

Fresh Mint

Inspired by the fresh umbrella pines and eucalyptus trees that cover the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula and the potent waves breaking along its steep coasts, Cap Ferrat Mood lays you gently on the revitalizing shores of the Mediterranean. Soaked with invigorating mint for a healthy and fresh mouth, Cap Ferrat Mood is our minty energizer.


Rose + Orange Blossom + Mint

With its audacious combination of mint and orange blossom, enhanced by a hint of rose, Sweet Extravagance is a your invitation to uninhibited delicacy. As the name exhorts, it is a tasty recipe for those who crave grand sweetness without all the saccharine, for lovers who oscillate between the wafting scents of floral and fruity.


Pineapple + Rooibos + Mint

Tropical Crush is hooked with pineapple that bathes you in the tropic’s golden rays. To balance those fruity textures, we've added a touch of soothing rooibos. If the call of sun-drenched exotic flavors beckons, then Tropical Crush is your Flavorcare answer. An expedition of holiday scents that travel straight to the core of your heart.


Liquorice + Mint

Refreshing as a dip in the pool during hot hours of a summer day in the French Riviera, Une Piscine à Antibes gives you that subtle thrill thanks to the unique combination of mint and licorice. For a rejuvenating splash in the Côte d’Azur!


Cinnamon + Mint

Inspired by the wild beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula nestled on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Villa Noacarlina delivers a moment of calm and relaxation. Thanks to the subtle combination of mint and cinnamon, the latter ingredient’s spicy enchantment imparts a yoga-like zen into your daily call of the wild.


More flavors to be discovered