Valentine's Day : we have the perfect gift for HIM !

Give him an original and unique moment of pleasure for Valentine’s Day!

Here is how to find the aroma that will perfectly match your Valentine.
With his charm, he managed to conquer you, but what are you going to offer him this 14th of February?
We have found the perfect aroma for every type of man.
Tropical Crush - pineapple - rooibos- mint  1. For the Globetrotter: Tropical Crush

Always looking for the sun, white sandy beaches and absolute chilling. You will follow him wherever the destination to discover the last remote and secret places. TROPICAL CRUSH, with its flavors of pineapple, rooibos and mint, will allow him to escape every day to far away destinations, from his bathroom. A sunny-drenched toothpaste!

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 2. For the adventurer: Fearless Freedom

He dares to climb the highest perched peaks, hit the most dizzing slopes on a snowboard. He loves adrenaline! Your man is not afraid of anything. What better gift than FEARLESS FREEDOM, the ‘everything is possible’ toothpaste, intense thanks to blackcurrants and mint.

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Fearless freedom - blackcurrant - mint
 cap ferrat mood - fresh mints

3. For the Eternal Classic: Cap Ferrat Mood
Your man is the classic kind, and does not take much risk? He prefers to stay in his comfort zone and keeps telling you: “don’t worry it’s a wise bet”? Then it is CAP FERRAT MOOD, the eternal classic toothpaste of the LEBON collection, with fresh mints that will match his personality.

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 4. For the Gourmet: Back to Pampelonne

Maybe he cooks every night (lucky you!) or he uncovers, incredible little restaurants that you have never heard of?
Make him happy by offering him this delicious flavor of Mango and Mint with our BACK TO PAMPELONNE. A real sunny bite.

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back to pampelonne - mango - mint
Une piscine à antibes: liquorice mint

5. For the Sport’s Fan: Une Piscine A Antibes
Whether he does five fitness sessions a week or never misses any match on TV: you will be sure to score with this super fresh flavor. Liquorice and Mint of the UNE PISCINE A ANTIBES.

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 6. For the Gentleman: Sweet Extravagance

He continues to pen the car door for you and record your favorite movie without you having to ask? Your gentleman deserves a flavor as classy as him. Give him the SWEET EXTRAVAGANCE, an elegant and floral flavor that he will for sure appreciate.

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sweet extravagance - rose - orange blossom - mint
le white : green tea - sweet mint 

7. For the good friend: Le White
His group of friends is so large that he could see one per day for the whole year.
Friends of everyone, he appreciates convivial moments, just like LE WHITE can offer, thanks to its flavor of green tea and sweet Moroccan mint.

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8. For the Dreamer: Villa Noacarlina

He has his head in the clouds … Your lover is often in his own peaceful world. Cherish him with VILLA NOACARLINA, a mysterious flavor of cinnamon and mint. This is surely the best fit for him. You are not mistaken.

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villa noacarlina: cinnamon mint
rhythm is love : yuzu -ylang ylang- mint

9. For the Homebody: Rhythm is Love
The man in your life prefers a one to one evening with you instead of meeting his friends at the bistro from time to time. A man who advocates a balanced lifestyle. RHYTHM IS LOVE is the flavor he needs. A sweet balanced blend of Yuzu, Ylang Ylang and mint.

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... and for HER ?

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