Valentine's Day : we have the perfect gift for HER !

Give her an original and unique moment of pleasure for Valentine’s Day!

How to find your Valentine’s flavor?

You have already found her, but you have no clue about the perfect gift to give her…
Fortunately, we have spotted the perfect flavor for every type of woman. And for yours too.

      Fearless Freedom

1. For the Rebel: Fearless Freedom

Your girlfriend is an extrovert and is not afraid to make everyone hear her voice? FEARLESS FREEDOM, a blend of blackcurrant and mint, intense but at the same time subtle, completely matches to her personality.

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2. For the Ambitious Power Girl: Une Piscine À Antibes

You are her number ONE. But beware, you are closely followed by number 2: her ambition. For this woman, prefer spices to assert her passion and give her UNE PISCINE A ANTIBES, a blend of liquorice and mint. Invigorating and fresh aromas to give the image that she deserves of a dynamic woman.

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Une PIscine à Antibes

Tropical Crush

3. For your everyday sunshine: Tropical Crush

Your other half lights up every room as soon as she enters? Give her TROPICAL CRUSH, a flavor as warm as her personality, with pineapple, rooibos and mint.

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4. For the one who is ALWAYS right: Cap Ferrat Mood

    The shirt that suits you best, the time of the rendez-vous: she is always right, even if you never want to admit it.

    It’s time to please her in subtle way (of course) by offering her the CAP FERRAT MOOD and make her understand that she is right! A flavor with a mix of fresh mints.

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    Cap Ferrat Mood 
    Back To Pampelonne  

    5. For the Foodie: Back to Pampelonne

      Whether she spends her weekends improving her cookie recipe or whether she spends her life testing all the nice restaurants, your sweetheart will have a foodgasm when she will discover BACK TO PAMPELONNE, mango with mint.

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      6. For the Yogi: Rhythm is Love

        The dog Head up has become your lover’s natural posture? And ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ her mantra? Offer her RHYTHM IS LOVE. The perfect balance between Ylang Ylang (calming and soothing properties) and Yuzu (to reinforce her inner strength).

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        Rhythm Is Love

        Sweet Extravagance  

        7. For the Fashion Icon: Sweet Extravagance

          Your girlfriend has more clothes in her wardrobe than you will ever own in your entire life? Fortunately, you will not have to ruin yourself with a Haute Couture Fashion gift this Valentine. Make SWEET EXTRAVAGANCE an additional accessory to perfect her beauty routine. A sensual gift which evokes love thanks to the aromas of Rose, Orange Blossom and mint.

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          8. For the Wise woman: Le White

            She prefers to spend her free time in her books and enjoying quite moments that are precious to her. Give her LE WHITE, a toothpaste with green tea and sweet Moroccan mint to help her enjoy fully the present moment.

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            Le White
            Villa Noacarlina  

            For the Seducer: Villa Noacarlina

              Spices have the gift of igniting the hearts of men. They warm and bewitch and are a great way to assert our own character while preserving a bit of mystery. Offer her VILLA NOACARLINA with cinnamon and mint flavors for a captivating and sensual moment.

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              And for Him? 

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