10 ways to stay entertained while staying at home.

It can’t get funky down there unless you bring the funk!

Cabin fever sets in very easily, so take a deep breath and let LEBON refocus you. 
Instead of fixating on all the things we can’t do, let’s set our sights on the achievable! 

  1. Unplug and read a book - We are more than ever ultra-connected with tv, tablets, phones, ... So let's take a deep breath and close our phones. Sit in the couch and disconnect by reading a good book. And if we're feeling lazy, ask Alexa to read us something...
  2. Do a session of meditation or yoga - Stéphanie, LEBON co-founder, keep on mediation thanks to Lili Barbery. She offers a free meditation class on instagram every day at 6pm. Another good way to disconnect while taking care of your body and mind. Find all the infos on her website
    Ombeline, one of our ambassador, also gives her advices and tips on her blog on how to break a negative habit in 40 days, the minimum time recommended in Kundalini yoga to come and hold a cycle of meditation. We invite you to practice Yoga with her, and read her numerous tips. 
  3. Bake a cake - Not a very pleasant period, so let's have fun and bake your favorite pastries. And if you have children, it will be a good way to keep them busy, while having fun.
  4. Dress up for a night on the town - It's not because we have to stay at home that we plan to spend the day in bed. Indeed, choosing our outfit gives meaning to our confined days, and changing clothes is also a way to motive ourselves to get out of bed.
    Take time to put together a nice outfit and pimp it with accessories. It will influence our posture, our outfit and our mood. In short, our general condition. Let's be imaginative and dress up nicely like we're going out to the restaurant. 
  5. Clean up your desktop - While we are at it, let's reorganize our files on our computer. And be ready to start fresh and clean after this confinement ! Being cooped up is not that bad after all.
  6. Care for beauty routine - Now that we have more time, we can take care of ourselves, our skin and our beauty routine. 
    We recommend to follow the fabulous Beautylicieuse who always has smart beauty advices. Such a beauty reference ! 
  7. Call your grandparents - During this period, the elderly are extremely isolated. We should take the time to call them. They will be delighted to have news, to hear voice of their loved ones, to feel accompanied and feel a bit less alone.
  8. Enjoy moments doing NOTHING - OMG, it feels so good to just lay down, do nothing, refocus on ourselves and think of nothing. We should take few minutes every day .... not all day long of course.
  9. A quick detox - It's important to keep a healthy lifestyle during these long days. We have gather some detox, hydration and cleanse tips for you. Have a look at it. 
  10. And don't forget to brush your teeth, at least twice a day - Ooooh yes, as we said, we have more time to take care of ourselves and brushing our teeth is totally part of this ritual. 
    Usually, we don't think of brushing our teeth after lunch, since we are at work, but these days we have the time to brush our teeth after each meal. So let's start doing it and maybe we'll keep it up after this period ... Challenge accepted :) Obviously, we can not talk about brushing teeth without mentioning the LEBON toothpastes

We just gave you few tips and ideas to never be bored at home. Well here is a bonus. Choose LEBON for a moment of getaway. Let's allow ourselves to escape to faraway places, for few minutes while brushing our teeth. This is exactly why LEBON was designed for: to enjoy a moment of pure pleasure and evasion.
9 flavors for 9 quick escapes from your home.

So, where do you want to go ? ...
The LEBON family.

* you can share your progress with this template as a bucket list on your instagram story so that we can motivate each other! 


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